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Liang mian (凉面)

So this is liang mian (凉面), literally “cold noodles,” a simple but wonderful dish that has its origin in Sichuan Province. It’s one of those foods where every street vendor, every restaurant, every Sichuanese cook will have their own recipe. … Continue reading

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Lamb with cumin, garlic, and chiles

This is another fast, simple, and savory dish. It’s similar to the Uighur cumin lamb I posted a while back, but not as heavy on the cumin and with a lighter taste that comes from the green onions and the … Continue reading

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Chicken with peppers, chili, cilantro, and lime

Today’s addition to TastyAsia is an extended variation of the last recipe, motivated mostly by a desire to use up some vegetables I had lying around. It turned out to be really excellent: as you can imagine, the cilantro, chilies, … Continue reading

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Lime chicken with chili sauce

Forget American Chinese recipes for “lemon chicken” that involve battered and deep-fried chunks of chicken in a sticky sauce. This dish is light, fragrant, spicy, and fresh. The chicken stays tender and juicy because of the velveting technique (see step … Continue reading

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Pork-flavored mushrooms with fermented black beans is now exactly one month old, and I’m humbled and pleased by the number of hits and follows so far. Thanks everyone for the comments and the “likes.” I really appreciate it. It’s been a stressful week at work, … Continue reading

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Brussels sprouts with cashews and savory chili sauce

Vegan readers, this is another one for you. But it’s also great for anyone who likes deep, rich, savory flavors and a spicy bite. (Never mind that Brussles sprouts are rare in Asia). This is another “simple” recipe, by which … Continue reading

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Broccoli with pork, shallots, and black bean chili sauce

Western broccoli isn’t a staple in China. In fact, I’ve only seen people eating broccoli once in Beijing, and it was a table of Scandinavians at Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant where western tourists were the rule. Still, broccoli is too … Continue reading

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Cauliflower with chiles and onion

As I said in yesterday’s post, I found a really fun foodie restaurant on my recent trip to China. I asked them how they described their cuisine, and they said “Beijing creative,” which I thought was perfectly apt. We had … Continue reading

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Spicy chicken with Chinese leeks

I’m back from Beijing and for this first TastyAsia recipe since my return, I’m sharing a recreation of a dish I had on the trip. The restaurant was a delightful hole-in-the-wall sort of place and was one of the first … Continue reading

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