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Cucumber with homemade black bean garlic sauce

Cucumbers are almost always eaten raw here in the United States. In China, however, they’re almost always cooked, either stir-fried or boiled (as in this recipe). Cooking them gives them a rounder and more subtle flavor, but they still taste … Continue reading

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Burmese egg curry

Burma shares borders with China, India, Thailand, so you can just imagine what a culinary crossroads it is. Burma is also a former British colony, but this recipe cleaves vigorously to local roots. Frying the boiled eggs before adding them to … Continue reading

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Spicy walnut shrimp

Chinese cooks love combining varying textures to interesting effect. There’s a Cantonese dish recommended by Ken Hom that combines sugar-glazed walnuts with shrimp. This dish is inspired by Ken Hom but is my own recipe; it skews towards a spicier … Continue reading

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Chicken with onions, black beans, and Chinese broccoli

I ate Chinese broccoli (芥兰, jiè lán) twice on my last trip to China, and each time it was served exactly the same way: as a side dish, laid out with the stems all shaved and parallel with one other, … Continue reading

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Boiled eggs

Here’s a tasty and easy recipe. Almost no explanation is needed, except perhaps for shichimi togarashi, which is a Japanese spice mixture containing ground red chiles, Suchuan pepper, roasted orange peel, ground ginger, and toasted sesame seeds. It’s available at Asian … Continue reading

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Sichuan beef

This is another comforting recipe, with the ma la (麻辣) or “numbing and spicy” Sichuan flavors. It’s also simple, by which I mean it can be cooked in the time it takes to prepare your rice. In another post I mentioned that … Continue reading

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Cucumbers with fermented black beans and doubanjiang

This dish contrasts the fresh, light taste of cucumbers with the more umami flavors of fermented black beans (douchi, 豆豉) and spicy bean paste (la doubanjiang, 辣豆瓣酱). In the United States we’re not used to cooking our cucumbers, but in China cucumbers are … Continue reading

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