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Asparagus with sesame seeds

This Japanese recipe is another one that is perfect for its simplicity. In fact, it will almost take you longer to read this and look at the pictures than to actually cook it. All you do is blanch some cut … Continue reading

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New potatoes with soy sauce and spicy bean sauce

This is another simple recipe. The potatoes will come out soft and flavorful, and will be all the better for their simplicity. You can easily scale the recipe up or down depending on how many people you are serving and how … Continue reading

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Somen with vegetables

This is probably TastyAsia’s most unfussy recipe. It’s also easy, fast, and delicious. I suppose the variations are endless, but for tonight’s noodles I used fresh spinach and a red pepper. I garnished the noodles with a soft-boiled egg. Here … Continue reading

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Corn and crab soup, with egg and smoked pepper

Corn and crab soup (蟹肉玉米汤, xièròu yùmǐ tāng) is a Cantonese dish with nicely blended flavors. The sweet tastes of fresh corn and steamed crab meat combine with the spiciness of white and smoked red peppers and the richness of … Continue reading

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