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I’m naming this recipe just salmon, because it’s so simple that it seems silly to give it a complicated title. Although if we wanted to be all complicated, we could call it Fresh-catch Atlantic salmon glazed with Shaoxing rice wine, … Continue reading

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Chiu Chow chicken with fried basil

On the eastern edge of Guangdong province, near the coast, lies the city of Chaozhou, the ancestral home of the Chiu Chow people. The Chiu Chow were seafarers are now widely distributed as far away as Taiwan and Hong Kong. … Continue reading

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Mapo doufu (麻婆豆腐)

Legend has it that there was an old lady (婆, pó) in Chengdu who was once afflicted with some kind of disease such as leprosy or smallpox, and thus disfigured with pockmarks (麻子, mázi). She lived on the outskirts of the … Continue reading

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Burmese eggplant curry

The first eggplant recipe I posted on this blog  was a Sichuanese dish. Now it’s time for another take on eggplant, this time from Burma. As you move southwestwards from Sichuan Provence, the mountains of the Tibetan Plateau of China eventually give … Continue reading

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Stir-fried spinach with shrimp paste and Thai peppers

Here’s another easy and comforting recipe. I served it alongside a braised pork dish, and the spiciness of the spinach contrasted quite well with the natural sweetness of the pork. Begin with lots of fresh spinach, about a half-pound per … Continue reading

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