About TastyAsia

Hey there, I’m Will (or 伟, wěi). TastyAsia is a collection of recipes and food experiences that I wanted to share in hopes of making it easy for curious people to enjoy Chinese home cooking.

欣赏良好膳食, 爱惜良好友谊。

“Enjoy good meals, cherish good friendship.”

Do you have any feedback or questions?  Comments are always appreciated.

11 Responses to About TastyAsia

  1. My French Heaven says:

    Amazing blog! I absolutely LOVE it. I cannot wait for your next post!

  2. TastyAsia says:

    Thanks for the kind words! There are many tasty recipes to come.

  3. luvmuffins43 says:

    Such a great blog!! I’m living in China and I’ve been wanting to cook at home for a while now, this blog has given me major motivation. My BF from Shanxi provence too!

  4. EHGreenaway says:

    So excited to be following this blog – I’m living in Scotland and desperate to learn how to cook authentic chinese cuisine. Keep posting!!

    • TastyAsia says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and many thanks for the comment. I’ve been concentrating on stir-frying for most of the posts so far, but I plan to include more recipes involving steaming, braising, boiling, and grilling as well. Can you get Chinese ingredients in Scotland?

      • EHGreenaway says:

        I’m actually going to a Chinese supermarket in Dundee in two weeks, which I’m really excited about. What key ingredients should I purchase? I want to make the most of the experience, but I’m not sure which components would be essential to Chinese cooking. Could you help me out?

        • TastyAsia says:

          Great question. You’ve inspired me to make a post about the essential Chinese pantry, with photos and descriptions of the items you shouldn’t do without. Stay tuned…

  5. Susan says:

    Just discovered your blog last night and already have a line-up of dishes to try. Tonight, chicken with bok choy. I was quite pleased to discover my pantry lacked only one of your suggested staples, which may not seem unusual except for the fact I live in South Dakota!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so very much for the easy to follow recipes. I acquired an abundance of knowledge in a short period of time!

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