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Congee with salted duck eggs and soybeans

Congee, or rice porridge, is an extremely versatile dish with countless preparations in countless traditions. In some cultures, congee is served instead of rice at main meals, while in others, it is a breakfast dish or even a hearty meal … Continue reading

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Cabbage and egg

Here we have another Chinese staple, which also happens to be a completely simple and very tasty dish. Fresh cabbage adds a nice crunchy sweetness, while the egg and the sesame oil give a wonderful umami savoriness. This is another … Continue reading

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Somen with vegetables

This is probably TastyAsia’s most unfussy recipe. It’s also easy, fast, and delicious. I suppose the variations are endless, but for tonight’s noodles I used fresh spinach and a red pepper. I garnished the noodles with a soft-boiled egg. Here … Continue reading

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Corn and crab soup, with egg and smoked pepper

Corn and crab soup (蟹肉玉米汤, xièròu yùmǐ tāng) is a Cantonese dish with nicely blended flavors. The sweet tastes of fresh corn and steamed crab meat combine with the spiciness of white and smoked red peppers and the richness of … Continue reading

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Burmese egg curry

Burma shares borders with China, India, Thailand, so you can just imagine what a culinary crossroads it is. Burma is also a former British colony, but this recipe cleaves vigorously to local roots. Frying the boiled eggs before adding them to … Continue reading

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Boiled eggs

Here’s a tasty and easy recipe. Almost no explanation is needed, except perhaps for shichimi togarashi, which is a Japanese spice mixture containing ground red chiles, Suchuan pepper, roasted orange peel, ground ginger, and toasted sesame seeds. It’s available at Asian … Continue reading

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Stir-fried eggs and tomatoes (西红柿炒蛋)

So here we are with another excellent example of Chinese home-cooked comfort food. Called stir-fried eggs and tomatoes (西红柿炒蛋), this is an easy and simple dish that tastes wholesome and nourishing. It’s not a staple of Chinese restaurants in America, … Continue reading

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