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Braised chicken legs with soy sauce and chiles

Today was one of those days when I wound up needing comfort food. We have a street festival going on in the neighborhood, one of those great annual community events that the city puts on. My neighborhood is multicultural and … Continue reading

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Chicken with peppers, chili, cilantro, and lime

Today’s addition to TastyAsia is an extended variation of the last recipe, motivated mostly by a desire to use up some vegetables I had lying around. It turned out to be really excellent: as you can imagine, the cilantro, chilies, … Continue reading

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Lime chicken with chili sauce

Forget American Chinese recipes for “lemon chicken” that involve battered and deep-fried chunks of chicken in a sticky sauce. This dish is light, fragrant, spicy, and fresh. The chicken stays tender and juicy because of the velveting technique (see step … Continue reading

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Spicy chicken with Chinese leeks

I’m back from Beijing and for this first TastyAsia recipe since my return, I’m sharing a recreation of a dish I had on the trip. The restaurant was a delightful hole-in-the-wall sort of place and was one of the first … Continue reading

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Big plate chicken (大盘鸡)

This is an easy and excellent recipe. It’s called big plate chicken (大盘鸡, dàpánjī) which literally means “a big plate of chicken.” The name probably won’t stimulate the imagination, but I guarantee that the spices will. It’s another dish from … Continue reading

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