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Ground pork with fresh chiles and aromatic herbs

Here we have another Thai-inspired dish. Thailand is famous for recipes in which ground meat is simmered in a tasty liquid and finished off with plenty of fresh aromatic herbs. Called laarb (ลาบ), these dishes are simple to make and a … Continue reading

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Beijing-style beef stew

It’s early August now, and normally we’d be heading into the hottest time of the year. Except that 2012 continues not to disappoint with it’s weather weirdness: it’s in the 70’s this whole week, with nights that are much cooler. … Continue reading

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Clay pot lamb stew

If you’re a native English speaker, the phrase “lamb stew” probably doesn’t call to mind very many Chinese dining experiences. That’s most likely because Chinese food outside of China tends to ignore every cooking method except for stir-frying. But in reality, Chinese … Continue reading

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