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Laghman noodles (拌面)

Learning how this Chinese dish got it’s name is almost like taking a course in west Asian culture, history, and geopolitics. It’s known as Laghman noodles in English, after Laghman Province in Afghanistan where it has its roots. Laghman Province … Continue reading

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Lamb with cumin, garlic, and chiles

This is another fast, simple, and savory dish. It’s similar to the Uighur cumin lamb I posted a while back, but not as heavy on the cumin and with a lighter taste that comes from the green onions and the … Continue reading

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Clay pot lamb stew

If you’re a native English speaker, the phrase “lamb stew” probably doesn’t call to mind very many Chinese dining experiences. That’s most likely because Chinese food outside of China tends to ignore every cooking method except for stir-frying. But in reality, Chinese … Continue reading

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Uyghur cumin lamb

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of trying some totally surprising food that you’ll never forget, a dish that ends up changing your outlook on food and life forever. For Anthony Bourdain it was oysters eaten directly from the sea. … Continue reading

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