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Steamed fish, Cantonese style

This is the essence of comfort food: good flavors coming together in a quick and simple dish. Perhaps the only challenging part here is making use you have suitable equipment for steaming a whole fish. It’s easy enough to do … Continue reading

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Laghman noodles (拌面)

Learning how this Chinese dish got it’s name is almost like taking a course in west Asian culture, history, and geopolitics. It’s known as Laghman noodles in English, after Laghman Province in Afghanistan where it has its roots. Laghman Province … Continue reading

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Burmese egg curry

Burma shares borders with China, India, Thailand, so you can just imagine what a culinary crossroads it is. Burma is also a former British colony, but this recipe cleaves vigorously to local roots. Frying the boiled eggs before adding them to … Continue reading

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Xinjiang pepper steak

Xinjiang (新疆, Xīnjīang) is a multiethnic autonomous region in the extreme northwest of China. As I mentioned in a previous post, it shares borders with Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, with people from many ethnic groups including … Continue reading

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Uyghur cumin lamb

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of trying some totally surprising food that you’ll never forget, a dish that ends up changing your outlook on food and life forever. For Anthony Bourdain it was oysters eaten directly from the sea. … Continue reading

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